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Carly Elizabeth was born on October 10, 1988 to Irene and Richard Hughes. She spent her childhood growing up in Haworth, New Jersey.  Carly had a wonderful childhood, she made many life long relationships and was extremely loyal to those lucky enough to have her as a friend. Carly graduated with honors from Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest, NJ.

In September 2007, Carly left for Boston, MA as a freshman at Boston College in the Lynch School of Education. Carly was a hardworking, dedicated college student, majoring in secondary education and mathematics. She spent four semesters student teaching, and along the way, realized that special education was her passion. While at BC, Carly was in the Lynch School of Education honors program, worked part-time in the Associate Dean’s Office, and traveled twice to the Holy Family Early Learning Center in Natchez, Mississippi. Even with her busy schedule that combined academics and extra-curricular activities, Carly made meaningful friendships and relationships with those surrounding her. She always set aside time for her friends, and made sure they realized how important they were to her. After graduating from BC, she was employed by Visible Measures as an Analyst, and continued to make lifelong friends at her job.

Carly was spontaneous, affectionate, creative and confident. Carly was dedicated. She was passionate about important causes and strong enough to defend against and convince non-believers. While at BC, she twice spent a week during her Winter Vacations in Natchez, MS at the Holy Family Early Learning Center. She fell in love with the “babies,” as she called them and they all fell in love with her. She felt strongly about keeping the Holy Family School open and supporting the educations and careers of the students and teachers there. She had such strong moral convictions and the confidence to let people know how she felt.

Above all else, Carly was loving. Whether it was a person, an idea or a cause, Carly loved it and she loved it passionately and deeply. We can only try to live and to love the way that Carly taught us. We know that no one will ever come close to how special Carly has been in our lives. We will carry these life lessons and more with us forever and try to impart Carly’s unique ways onto those around us. Those who knew Carly are so lucky to have had her in their lives. We are so lucky to continue to have her spirit live on within us. We hope to honor her through the work of this foundation.

Throughout her short life, Carly truly lived. She never let one day go by without trying to make it the best day of her life. Her passion for life was beyond inspirational and she left a lasting impact on all those with whom she came in contact. Even when Carly was diagnosed with gastric cancer in October 2012, she lived her life no differently than she had every other day. Carly made many lifelong friends who were beside her through her recent fight and who continue to be inspired by the wonderful, amazing individual she was.